La Nebbia Winery


Using local grapes from the California coast, winemaker John Gemello has introduced some of the most scintillating wine to be found in Half Moon Bay. Using the same techniques utilized by Italian wineries, John Gemello’s wine making techniques produced wines that have the unique position of being both exotic in their bouquet and provincial in their origin.Years later his legacy lives on as part of the La NebbiaWinery, offering earthy red and light and sparkling whites.Browsing the gourmet food catalog is a perfect compliment to the luscious wines available for tasting. Staff are happy to ship wine for you, making for a welcome return home or a lovely surprise gift for a friend or loved one (make sure to check La NebbiaWinery‘s shipping restructions). There is nothing that matches a California sunset more than a shared glass of local wine to go along with it. Next time you are in Half Moon Bay, make sure to stop by La NebbiaWinery to quench your pallet.