La Nebbia Winery


Using local grapes from the California coast, winemaker John Gemello has introduced some of the most scintillating wine to be found in Half Moon Bay. Using the same techniques utilized by Italian wineries, John Gemello’s wine making techniques produced wines that have the unique position of being both exotic in their bouquet and provincial in their origin.Years later his legacy lives on as part of the La NebbiaWinery, offering earthy red and light and sparkling whites.Browsing the gourmet food catalog is a perfect compliment to the luscious wines available for tasting. Staff are happy to ship wine for you, making for a welcome return home or a lovely surprise gift for a friend or loved one (make sure to check La NebbiaWinery‘s shipping restructions). There is nothing that matches a California sunset more than a shared glass of local wine to go along with it. Next time you are in Half Moon Bay, make sure to stop by La NebbiaWinery to quench your pallet.

The Fine Wood Work of Gallery M


The last thing that any traveler expects to find during a trip is something that would compliment their home. If you are not expecting to find the perfect sculpture, hand carved clock or furniture, the fine wood work art of Gallery M may surprise you. Founded in 1997, Gallery M houses custom woodwork from several recognized and up and coming artists. The detail and mastery of these pieces is breath taking. From hand-carved wall art to dining sets the woodwork on display is both evocative and original.Many of the pieces on display are available for customization to the buyer’s specifications, making your purchase all that more personal.The next time you are in Half Moon Bay, make sure to stop by Gallery M and discover the beauty and wonder of hand-crafted artwork.

Enjoy the Fine Dining at Navio

Californian coastal dining at its finest can be found at Navio located in the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Half Moon Bay. Local fresh fish from Princeton Harbor is cooked to perfection by the some of the most talented chefs around in a stunning dining environment. If you are looking for a magnificent start to your day, make sure to stop by for an amazing breakfast consisting of Hawaiian Mango and Papaya with Lavender Honey, fresh baked pastries or even the delicious Pagnotta Bread “French Toast” with Vanilla Whipped Cream and Fresh Olallieberries Compote. No matter what you choose, a floor-to-ceiling view of the Gazebo and ocean front will add to the scintillating tastes of your meal.Dinner options range from Monterey Squid Tagliatelles to the local Butterfish served with fresh vegetables. Each dish has a specific wine recommendation from the chef and you’ll be glad for it. The wine cellar is vast and varied, making an educated guide more than helpful.The next time you are visiting Half Moon Bay, make sure to stop in to Navio for a dining experience like no other!

Go on a Gray Whale Watch!

The Holiday Season is one of festivities and joy, but here’s one activity thatr you may not have considered, whale watching!The experts at the Oceanic Society  offer regular whale watching tours of the California Coast, including  San Francisco, Bodega Bay and Half Moon Bay. Each year around this time 15,000 gray whales pass by on their migration to Baja, making for n unforgettable experience. Formed in the late 1960’s to educate the public on the reality of whale hunting, the Oceanic Society  continue to introduce their tour groups to the natural wonder of life under the sea.Gray Whal Watching Tours are held on Saturday, Sunday and select Fridays from December-May. Please visit the official website for more information.

Cameron’s Restaurant, Pub & Inn

Located in Cabrillo Highway in beautiful Half Moon Bay is a restaurant that may strike passers by as out of place, because it is! An authentic English Pub may be the last thing you’d expect to see on the breathtaking Half Moon Bay Coast, but it is also a welcome surprise. From the Bangers and Mash to the pub snacks including cheesy garlic bread and spicey chicken wings, Cameron’s Restaurant, Pub & Inn will make you feel like you are in jolly olde England (despite the view). Smokers are in for a surprise as the restaurant owners have found a unique solution to providing separate dining for non-smoking and smoking patrons. A genuine double decker bus has been imported and retro-fitted to function as restaurant seating complete with video games on the top floor! Next time you are in Half Moon Bay, make sure to take a trip to Cameron’s Restaurant, Pub & Inn for a taste of England!
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Located approximately 35 minutes
south of San Francisco in the
Bay Area, this stunning slice of
the Golden State boasts an
unrivaled combination of
coastal town friendliness, charm
and natural beauty.

From romantic inns and luxurious coastal resorts
to budget-friendly brand hotels, the Half Moon Bay
area’s variety of lodging offers a perfect fit for
everyone visiting Northern California & the SF Bay Area.

There are four regions to explore in the Northern
California bay area of the San Mateo County Coastside.