Play with your food at Toque Blanche


Everyone loves to eat and if we are lucky, we all know someone who loves to cook for us… but isn’t it about time that we learned how to share in the special joy that only great cooks know? The folks at Toque Blanche think so and they’ve even taken to holding special classes and demos to do the trick! Learn everything from how to make your own pasta to grilling a perfect crepe or even tasting fine food from far off lands. In no time, you’ll be a foodie, inviting friends over for a special meal that you prepared.Hopefully they’ll do dishes.Expert providers of fine cookware including black clay Chamba cookware from Colombia, the Toque Blanche is located on Main Street in Half Moon Bay and holds a series of classes and product demos on a regular basis to train the at-home chef with a flair for adventure.Make sure to check out the official site for up-to-date information.