Play with your food at Toque Blanche


Everyone loves to eat and if we are lucky, we all know someone who loves to cook for us… but isn’t it about time that we learned how to share in the special joy that only great cooks know? The folks at Toque Blanche think so and they’ve even taken to holding special classes and demos to do the trick! Learn everything from how to make your own pasta to grilling a perfect crepe or even tasting fine food from far off lands. In no time, you’ll be a foodie, inviting friends over for a special meal that you prepared.Hopefully they’ll do dishes.Expert providers of fine cookware including black clay Chamba cookware from Colombia, the Toque Blanche is located on Main Street in Half Moon Bay and holds a series of classes and product demos on a regular basis to train the at-home chef with a flair for adventure.Make sure to check out the official site for up-to-date information.

Wine Painter Thomas Arvid at Borsini-Burr Gallery

There will be a special reception held to open the one man show celebrating the artwork of acclaimed international wine painter Thomas Arvid at the Borsini-Burr Gallery at Montara by the Sea. Possessing a passionate allure, Arvid’s painting strives to combine two of the artists’s great loves, wine and art. While his work touches upon the glamor and beauty of wine, it also places the casual pleasures of modern life. His work is on display at over 50 of the most elite art galleries not only in America, but Japan as well.Artist Reception: Saturday January 31, 2008Please visit the official site for additional information.

Clink Glasses at Half Moon Bay Wine and Cheese

Nothing makes the stress of the day melt away more quickly than a nice glass of wine. From the grandeur that was Rome to the beauty of Half Moon Bay on a pleasant afternoon, a tender glass of nectar has proven its medicinal properties at soothing the soul. This may be why the folks at Half Moon Bay Wine and Cheese have been holding a weekly wine tasting every Thursday just after 5 to ease the nerve that the day has set on edge. Accompanying the fine wines are cheeses and pleasant conversation of the Half Moon Bay Wine and Cheese wine experts and locals.So get acquainted with a time-honored tradition and clink glasses, explore the variois tastes of wines both familiar and new and make nice all after you have clocked off for the day and checked in for the night.You’ll be glad that you did.Visit the official site for more info.

Enjoy Live Music at the Miramar Beach Restaurant


Situated on the beach front, the Miramar Beach Restaurant is home to one the most magical spot for a night out for miles around. A stunning sunset view peeks over the cresting waves of the ocean as diners enjoy the fine food and delectable wine from the restaurant’s copious cellar. The beautiful ambiance is not just outside as diners will notice the glamorous Tiffany lamps and mahogany paneling encompassing a truly fine dining experience. Dishes from the delicious grilled Mexican prawns served in a pomegranate vinaigrette to the cold water lobster tail will surely get your mouth watering just from the menu, but while you are waiting to order another form of sustenance will fill your ears. Diners enjoy local musicians ranging from the spectacular jazz bassist Stu Hamm to Grammy Award-winning violinist Mads Tolling with yet more on a rotating schedule.Make sure to visit the official site for more info.
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Located approximately 35 minutes
south of San Francisco in the
Bay Area, this stunning slice of
the Golden State boasts an
unrivaled combination of
coastal town friendliness, charm
and natural beauty.

From romantic inns and luxurious coastal resorts
to budget-friendly brand hotels, the Half Moon Bay
area’s variety of lodging offers a perfect fit for
everyone visiting Northern California & the SF Bay Area.

There are four regions to explore in the Northern
California bay area of the San Mateo County Coastside.