Visit the Thomas Fogarty Winery

Visiting Thomas Fogarty Winery is like something out of a painting, with a lovely mountaintop view and a wide expanse of vineyards. A breathtaking locale and fine wines make the Thomas Fogarty Winery one of the finest wineries Santa Cruz Mountains. Tours and wine-tasting events are held regularly, but you can also find special events such as weddings being held on the property. There is something magical in the air at Thomas Fogarty Winery and that feeling is certainly captured in the award-winning wines. In fact the winery’s selection of Pinot Noirs, Chardonnays and Cabernets have been called a revival of the Santa Cruz Mountains Appellation.If you are planning to visit Half Moon Bay, be sure to include time for a pleasant tour of the Thomas Fogarty Winery and its vineyards.Visit the official website for more information.