‘The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee’

‘The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee’ put on by The Coastal Repertory Theatre has families rolling in the aisles and competing on stage in what many are calling an innovative and uproarious fun night out. An unusual mixture of audience participation, musical routines and hilarious comedic characters, the play is another wonderful performance from The Coastal Repertory Theatre, a local theatrical company who has been entertaining audiences since 1986. If you are looking for a fun way to spend the evening with your family in a new way, make sure to catch a performance, just be sure to brush up on your spelling skills before you leave home! For more information visit the official website here: http://coastalrep.com/

Go For a Brisk Reef Walk

As the leaves change from green to red along the coast, it is the perfect opportunity to take in the wonderful landscape of Half Moon Bay. For visitors to the area, there are guided tour opportunities led by nature photographers who are happy to indicate the many areas of interest along Pillar Point. When planning as trip to the west coast during the autumn, it may not occur to many that a walk along the reef is a good idea, but it is such a rare chance to take in the natural beauty of the seaside. For more information, please call (650) 712-8456 .

Absolutely San Francisco

Written by celebrated musical composer and actress Anne Doherty, Absolutely San Francisco is a celebration of the city by the bay. Seen through the once bright eyes overcome with the promise of freedom and acceptance, Doherty’s musical takes a somewhat tragic turn that is made humorous as the author learns to accept what appear to be curses as gifts. Doherty herself is no stranger to drama as she was recognized at a young age as shining ingenue only to see her future taken from her by crippling rheumatoid arthritis which prevented her from performing. Over the years, she has gained wisdom through her life’s journey that is presented in song.The musical is presented from the point of view of ‘Sunshine the homeless lady’ giving a guided tour by cable car while photographs of the area from the 60’s play in the background. Absolutely San Francisco is a fantastic musical that is both heartwarming and whimsical while also offering an intimate look at San Francisco seen through the eyes of a gifted artist. Held over for additional showings, Absolutely San Francisco is playing at The Phoenix Theatre Annex. Please visit the official website for more information:http://www.absolutelysanfrancisco.com/

Hear sweet music at the Old Princeton Landing!

Along the seaside on Capistrano Rd, visitors to Half Moon Bay can hear the smooth sounds of live music emanating from Old Princeton Landing.  While Old Princeton Landing has been a hallmark for the area, it was recently renovated and is now under new ownership. The venue has been attracting a wide variety of musicians and is a great spot for a night out while you’re in the area. November 19th the ska music innovators the Starving Millionaires and Perro Bravo will be appearing. On November 20th , the rhythm and blues legend the Dr. Mojo Band will take the stage. Their sound has a rhythmic quality that hearkens back to the vintage r and b thanks to the use of a genuine Hammond organ. This is a band that is not to be missed! For more information, please visit the official website: http://theoldprincetonlanding.com/

Visit Woodside Winery

Located in Menlo Park near beautiful Half Moon Bay, Woodside Winery is a priority location for visitors to the area. Rolling hills and blooming trees line the vineyard which hosts regular tastings and special events. A rare vintage, the wines of Woodside Winery are from the La Questa vines and only available at select retailers and of course the winery itself where the best samples of wine can be found. A family-run winery since 1960, the Woodside Winery is recognized as one of the first boutique vineyards. Please make sure to visit their website- http://www.woodsidevineyards.com and order a case of Estate Cabernet and the Zinfandel as it is selling out fast.
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Located approximately 35 minutes
south of San Francisco in the
Bay Area, this stunning slice of
the Golden State boasts an
unrivaled combination of
coastal town friendliness, charm
and natural beauty.

From romantic inns and luxurious coastal resorts
to budget-friendly brand hotels, the Half Moon Bay
area’s variety of lodging offers a perfect fit for
everyone visiting Northern California & the SF Bay Area.

There are four regions to explore in the Northern
California bay area of the San Mateo County Coastside.