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10 Deep Sea Fishing Trips

Northern California Sea Fishing Trips

Whether fishing for sport or to eat, the Half Moon Bay Coastside has it all! Some of the fish varieties include salmon, rockfish, tuna, and cod. If your visiting Northern California, plan your deep sea fishing trips ahead of time with the following fishing boats. Take your fish to any of the listed locations that have a fish symbol for preparation and eating. (All boating excursions depart from Pillar Point Harbor, 4 miles north of Half Moon Bay)

Huli Cat Sportfishing/Party
(650) 726-2926
Princeton-by-the-Sea, Half Moon Bay, Northern California

Salmon fishing takes place from late March to early November. Rockfish varies from year round to July through November, depending on regulation. Albacore and blue fin tuna are offshore mid July through October, a great time for deep sea fishing trips.

Riptide Sportfishing – (650) 728-8433
Princeton-by-the-Sea, Half Moon Bay, Northern California

During the fishing season they will be fishing for salmon, rockfish or tuna depending upon regulations. When the fishing action starts and you’ll hear the reel sing as the line peels off with a whopper of a king salmon jumping and tugging against the straining angler…or the biting of a ling cod pulling your line and trying to dive into a hole in a rock on the ocean bottom – well, the excitement is felt all around the deck and everyone cheers in unison when the catch is landed!

If you want fresh fish but Northern California sea fishing trips aren’t for you, often you can purchase fish right off the boats at the dock and from fish markets around Pillar Point Harbor and the Coastside.