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Jeffrey Henderson is a freelance writer, designer, and project manager. His dog’s best friends and several of his friends live in Half Moon Bay and he spends as much free time here as possible. His adorable French Bulldog Madoc usually gets her way. She lives in San Francisco with her daddies, Jeffrey and his husband Kevin. Jeffrey often boasts of his ability to fold a fitted sheet.

Hosting friends and family for the Thanksgiving holiday is a big undertaking, the planning, the decorations, the shopping, the preparations, the cooking, and more. Your hosts do it because they want to, they want to share the holiday with you and they welcome you into their home. To say thank you and to be a good guest, you’ll want… Read more →
Once you’ve gathered all of your fall decor items, create a setting on end tables and niches and, of course, a fabulous fall tablescape in your dining room—it’ll completely transform your home to celebrate autumn.