A view of the Pacific Ocean and smell of the salt air is an ideal way to start your day on the Half Moon Bay Coastside, but once you’ve had that first cup of coffee and walk on the beach, you may have a hunger for something more. Breakfast is essential for fueling your day, whether you’re planning an active excursion or a more leisurely pursuit, and this region is filled… Read more →
Like a scene from a storybook, the rural seaside town of Pescadero is a pastoral backdrop of green rolling hills, romantic old barns, and oversized tractors rambling down quiet country roads. In the midst of this idyllic setting is Harley Farms, a charming goat farm that draws visitors with its bucolic surroundings and uber-fresh cheeses… Read more →
With docks of colorful fishing boats and charming waterfront eateries, the cozy seaside hamlet of Pillar Point Harbor offers a taste of New England along the California coast. Ever present ocean views and salt-tinged breezes lure all those who share a love of the sea, from commercial fishermen to world-renowned surfers. Explore the coastal haven by foot and discover sandy… Read more →
Edge-of-the-world views, gardens of coastal flowers, and aquamarine waters teeming with sea life exemplify the immense beauty found at Devil’s Slide Trail. The cliffside promenade is one of California’s most glorious pathways and certainly its most unique. The coastal trail was once a busy highway and, as its diabolical name implies, it wasn’t always so beloved… Read more →
Half Moon Bay is remarkable for many qualities from its art scene to wineries and natural beauty. It is also one of the most impressive surf destinations of America, the Mavericks surf break. This autumn, Mavericks will be the focus of a film dedicated to that area and two men in particular who braved the waves there. Chasing Mavericks, is the invigorating true story of young Jay Moriarity and… Read more →