VIA UNO Cucina Italiana & Bar was voted 2016 ‘Best Italian’ in the San Francisco Bay Area by the Bay Area A-List.  VIA UNO ranked first in the Italian category out of 88 nominees.  In the total contest there were more than 13,000 voters and 121 winners.   About Via Uno VIA UNO is… Read more →
Like a scene from a storybook, the rural seaside town of Pescadero is a pastoral backdrop of green rolling hills, romantic old barns, and oversized tractors rambling down quiet country roads. In the midst of this idyllic setting is Harley Farms, a charming goat farm that draws visitors with its bucolic surroundings and uber-fresh cheeses… Read more →
With docks of colorful fishing boats and charming waterfront eateries, the cozy seaside hamlet of Pillar Point Harbor offers a taste of New England along the California coast. Ever present ocean views and salt-tinged breezes lure all those who share a love of the sea, from commercial fishermen to world-renowned surfers. Explore the coastal haven by foot and discover sandy… Read more →
Edge-of-the-world views, gardens of coastal flowers, and aquamarine waters teeming with sea life exemplify the immense beauty found at Devil’s Slide Trail. The cliffside promenade is one of California’s most glorious pathways and certainly its most unique. The coastal trail was once a busy highway and, as its diabolical name implies, it wasn’t always so beloved… Read more →
With a patchwork of dreamy ranch and farm lands, the Half Moon Bay Coastside is a hub of vibrant food and horticulture. Offering a rare peek inside this dynamic agricultural community, the annual Farm + Fish + Flowers event guides participants through local farms, nurseries, and ranches that are not usually open to the public.… Read more →
The Half Moon Bay Coastside is a convenient location for a Bay Area meeting site close to the Silicon Valley & San Francisco.  Located at the end of Highway 92 along Highway 1, the Coastside is a quiet location apart from the fast pace of the rest of the Bay Area.   The Half Moon Bay Coastside offers many… Read more →
Tidepooling Tidepooling is visiting a rocky inter-tidal zone along a coastline where the ocean meets the land during high tides so that the area is covered in sea water. During low tides, the water recedes revealing fascinating sea creatures and seaweed which have specifically adapted themselves to the inter-tidal zone. These tide pools form a microcosm of life, hosting an incredible diversity… Read more →
Ecotourist Activities At we have a whole section of our site devoted to Ecotourism. Please follow the links for more specifics about things to do during your stay on the Half Moon Bay Coastside south of San Francisco and north of Santa Cruz. Places To Stay –Bed and Breakfasts Inns –Hotels & Motels Things To Do –… Read more →
Hiking and walking trails include sandy ocean beaches & walking throughold ranch lands. There are many mountain trails up and down the Coastal Corridor, some pass throughpristine redwood groves like this area at Butano State Park. Here is a list of some of the more popular trails for hiking in Half Moon Bay & for Coastside walking trails.. Gray Whale Cove Trail, McNee Ranch State Park… Read more →
Passeggiata In Half Moon Bay & San Mateo County Coastside Passeggiata is an Italian word meaning a 'stroll', a meet up with friends and neighbors after a meal. At this Monthly event on the Coastside in the SF Bay Area, locals and visitors to enjoy a stroll in the community, where restaurants and retail have special offers, plus there is music, wine tasting and more. When Passeggiata… Read more →