The Coastside Chamber

The Half Moon Bay Coastside Chamber of Commerce (Coastside Chamber) is the Coastside's leading catalyst for business growth, convener of leaders to get things done, and a champion for a thriving community.

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About the Chamber

We are a community-focused nonprofit dedicated to supporting the Coastside business community. Started in the 1960s to advocate on behalf of agriculture, we have steadily grown to support all of the different industries found on the Coastside. Every business, every entrepreneur, and every employee is vital to a thriving community. We appreciate everyone who supports our mission for business development, economic recovery, and workforce support.

CATALYST Our team listens to our local businesses to help identify challenging issues and work with the appropriate leaders to overcome obstacles. We strive for real change by getting to the heart of roadblocks and supporting well-rounded thoughtful solutions.

CONVENER Collaboration is our very favorite thing! Whether it's bringing businesses together to find mutually beneficial projects or connecting legislators with those effected by policy, the Chamber supports relationship building that brings about positive opportunities for growth!

CHAMPION We are the voice of the Coastside business community. We attend so many meetings it makes heads spin! But our dedication to showing up allows us to be in the room or on the call when decisions are being made that will effect businesses and their employees.