Coastside 365 Advertising Suite

We understand wholeheartedly that our business community is going through a tough time. One thing holds true in these economic times, continuing to marketing your business is one of the best ways to aid in business survival. In past recessions, studies have shown that businesses who continued marketing and even ramped it up, were more likely to stay open. To that end, we are going to keep onward with our publications, set to land in Summer 2020, and hope you will join us.  

Advertising Packages!

We took a long look at our publications, did a lot of math, and found ways where we could offer to bundle ads and save our members money! By ordering an ad in three platforms, it empowers your brand recognition while making the process a whole heck of a lot more efficient!!

Package #1

  • Full Page : Magazine Directory
  • Full Panel : (1) Map of Choice
  • Website : Advertorial

$4,500 (Savings of $1,300)

Package #2

  • 1/2 Page : Magazine Directory
  • 1/2 Panel : (1) Map of Choice
  • Website : Content Ad (Annual)

$3,000 (Savings of $1,080)

Package #3

  • 1/4 Page : Magazine Directory
  • 1/4 Panel : (1) Map of Choice
  • Website : Sidebar Ad (Annual)

$1,800 (Savings of $500)

Packages Order Form

This order form is for the packages combining a magazine, map and web ad. If you would like to order one type of ad without the others, please visit the publication page above as they each have their own form. Thank you!