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Something A Little Different This Time!

Thank you for your interest in advertising in the Coastside 365 Magazine Directory! We have taken in a lot of feedback and done a lot of research to make this year's edition pretty amazing! There are two big changes coming, the first of which is updating the size to 5.375" wide by 7" tall. What?! Smaller?! How is that better?! We have learned that the smaller size makes it easier for people to carry around on their travels and is more likely to be kept on a side table or desk during the year. This is good! The second change coming is what we call a double-cover. The directory is going to have one side of it dedicated to tourism businesses and information, while the other side is dedicated to businesses serving the other segments of our community like residents and other businesses. Each side will have its own cover and there will be a transition in the middle of the magazine making it obvious you are crossing into the other section. What?! Why?! We believe this two-sided approach will make it easier for locals and visitors to find the information they're looking for as well as making it clear that this is an annual directory. We hope you see the value in this new approach!

20,000 Magazine Directories will be printed and distributed throughout the year.

  • A copy will be mailed to local businesses and households directly after printing.
  • Copies will be given to each local Hotel & Inn for each of their rooms.
  • Distributed throughout the Bay Area in partnership with the Half Moon Bay Review.
  • Copies handed to visitors from the HMB Coastside Visitor Center.
  • Copies handed to locals from the HMB Coastside Business & Community Services Center.
  • Mailed upon request.

If you would like to discuss ad options, please contact Kevin Simmons at (650) 726-8380 or email [email protected].

2020 Pricing

$2,800 : Inside Cover
$2,500 : Page 1 ~or~ Page 2
$2,000 : Full Page
$1,200 : 1/2 Page
$800 : 1/3 Page
$600 : 1/4 Page
$400 : Enhanced Listing w/ Logo & Paragragh
Reservation Due By : April 10
Artwork Due By : May 8

(PDF) Download the design specs.

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