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The Coastside's Official Business & Tourism Website!

Do you know what works 24/7/365 for your business? This website!

Our website is a partnership between the Half Moon Bay Coastside Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Bureau and the Half Moon Bay Hotel Business Improvement District under one gorgeous and information-packed umbrella. Advertising on gives your business access to visitors and locals alike, through rich articles, advertorials and prominent placement on pages and menus throughout the site.

The average Click-through Rate (CTR) for the ads has been 1.95%. A study by Hubspot found that the average CTR across all industries was only 0.35%.

And, you may be interested in knowing our 2020 stats...all of which were an increase over 2019!

  • 69,076 Average Monthly Page Views
  • 35,485 Average Monthly Users
  • 89.24% of visitors are from the US
  • 80.09% of which are from the Bay Area
  • 52.18% of overall visitors are women who on average drive household spending

Ad Types


Our writers will write a unique article tailored to your business, including an interview and photography. Links to this sponsored article will appear in rotation in the main navigation drop-down menu in the appropriate section, as a featured article (also in appropriate section) and in rotation in the sidebar of related articles.

Content Ad

Content ads appear at the bottom of most website pages (EAT, STAY and a few other pages excluded) or at the top of the Business Directory pages in the Business section.

Sidebar Ad

Side bar ads appear in the side bars of most pages (EAT, STAY and a few other pages excluded).


$3,000 : Advertorial with Professional Photos and Produced by a Pro Writer
$2,000 : Content Ad (Annual)
$1,200 : Sidebar Ad (Annual)
$200 : Content Ad (Monthly)
$125 : Sidebar Ad (Monthly)
Website advertising can be scheduled at any time.

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