Online Presentation: "Get Out of the Way for the Highway"

The San Mateo County Historical Association President Mitch Postel will present “Get Out of the Way for the Highway: How Highway Construction Changed the Landscape of Post-War San Mateo County,” on Thursday, January 28 at 3 p.m. Postel and the archival staff of the San Mateo County History Museum have recently taken in a collaboration of California Division of Highway files from the post-World War II era which documented the process of appraising lands needed for the creation of freeways and highways through the San Francisco Peninsula. Postel’s online presentation will be illustrated by photographs taken by the Division showing developed and undeveloped properties necessary for the construction.

This FREE program is part of the San Mateo County Historical Association’s “Courthouse Docket” lecture series sponsored by Cypress Lawn Heritage Foundation. To register, visit

San Mateo County History Museum

, CA
3:00 PM