Twelve Pianos - Film screening and discussion

“…a paean to both the arts and the environment.”
-David Lewis, San Francisco Chronicle

Mauro will play piano before the film and will stay for a conversation after the screening.

Mauro ffortissimo, a Half Moon Bay artist and musician, drags an old grand piano onto the bluffs near his home by the sea. He plays it every evening at sunset for the migrating whales passing just offshore. The internet catches on, the news cameras arrive, crowds swell to hundreds of people. And the city orders it to stop.

Twelve Pianos is a story of music, culture, and poetry, determined to survive against all odds. Like beautiful weeds growing unnoticed through cracks in the sidewalk, the film showcases everyday superstars who walk among us, with a deep passion for the arts that will not fit neatly into a box. Filmmaker Dean Mermell and a small, dedicated crew capture the incredible sights and sounds of this unusual passion project, in a film that asks: As the world rushes headlong into an unknown future, what good things from the past are worth saving?

Half Moon Bay Odd Fellows Hall
526 Main Street
Half Moon Bay, CA
7:30 PM — 9:30 PM