Half Moon Bay Activities – Northern California Bay Area

The Half Moon Bay Coastside is a unique San Francisco Bay Area destination offering a wealth of activities for families, couples, and individuals.

From the graphics below you can find everything that’s happening on the Coastside throughout the year.

Half Moon Bay Lodging


Coastal lodging from romantic inns and luxurious coastal resorts, budget-friendly hotels, bed and breakfast inns, and motels.

Dining in the Half Moon Bay area


Eat, drink, and dine at our acclaimed restaurants, local cafes and bakeries, cozy pubs, and wineries on the San Mateo County Coastside.

Shopping in the Half Moon Bay area


Explore our clothing stores, specialty furniture stores, floral boutiques, garden specialties, craft alleys, galleries, antique barns, and much more.

Activities in the Half Moon Bay area


Experience the abundant beauty and bounty of this region, choosing from our spectacular outdoor activities in and around the Pacific Ocean.

Music in the Half Moon Bay area


The San Mateo County Coastside has some of the finest local venues in the SF Bay Area. 

Area Events in the Half Moon Bay area


Enjoy a more old-fashioned, small-town friendly good time by heading to the San Mateo Coastside for any of our festivals and ongoing events.