Crab pot with fisherman on the ocean.

Sportfishing, Whalewatching & Charter Boats

One of the Coastide’s most cherished destinations is Pillar Point Harbor, a vibrant marina that teems with colorful fishing boats, many of which are ready to welcome you aboard.

Whether you’re looking to reel in a longfin tuna, or witness the awesome spectacle of migrating whales, you’ll find an expert crew ready to charter the perfect trip.

For those that turn green at the site of a boat, there’s still much to enjoy. Pillar Point is one of the last working harbors in California where you can buy fresh fish and shellfish direct from the boat. Fishline, a handy hotline and mobile app, makes it easy to find out the day’s catch which often includes salmon, rock cod, and, when the season is right, succulent dungeness crab.