Parking in Half Moon Bay

The drive to Half Moon Bay is a beautiful one, and once you arrive you’ll need a place to park your car. Fortunately, Downtown Half Moon Bay has plenty of free public parking available if you know where to look. We’re here to help!

This is intended as a general guide and is updated regularly, but always obey posted signs. There are well-marked accessible and loading zones found along these streets which should be observed as well.

Where to Park in Half Moon Bay

The parking map below gives a quick overview of the lots and street parking in Downtown Half Moon Bay; more detailed information about each area can be found below the map.

  • Green areas: Cars may be parked for up to 12 hours and close enough for easy walking – these are the ideal areas for most visitors, offering ease of access along with the freedom to stay as long as you like without constantly checking the clock.
  • Orange areas: Curbside parking is limited to two hours, so this is best suited for quick stops. Parking enforcement is strict, so don’t overstay in these areas – we don’t want you to get a ticket!
  • Yellow areas: Regular street parking and other lots that also allow more time, but they’re not as close to the heart of Main Street. Spaces in some of these areas are more likely to already be occupied by residents or employees.

Parking on Main Street

Most of the parking on Main Street, especially the heritage portion where many of the shops and restaurants are found, is limited to two hours from 9am to 6pm every day. You can often find a place to park right on Main Street, but if you’re planning to stay awhile, the two-hour time limit can be restrictive (and parking enforcement is strict). Even if you’re just planning a quick visit, it’s easy to find yourself pulled in to Main Street’s charming storefronts, so unless you’re certain your stay will be brief, there are plenty of options just off Main Street that will allow you to browse without watching the clock.

Parking on Johnston Street

Johnston Street offers the best parking experience for most visitors. Johnston runs parallel to Main Street, one block to the east. It’s a mixed-use street with private homes as well as offices, the Half Moon Bay Jail (now a history museum), and the town’s historic Methodist Church. You’ll find ample 12-hour parking along much of Johnston Street, and an additional parking lot on the corner of Johnston and Mill Streets — over 100 spaces with an easy walk (less than 300 feet) to Main Street. This is your best option if you want to relax and enjoy all that Half Moon Bay’s Main Street has to offer.

Parking on Purissima Street

Purissima Street runs parallel to Main Street, one block to the west. The most centrally-located 400 and 500 blocks have 12-hour parking, while the outlying blocks are normal street parking. You’ll be just as close as Johnston Street (above) and many spaces are available, although parking isn’t quite as plentiful on Purissima.

2 hour parking on Mill Street
Parking on Mill Street is limited to 2 hours on either side of Main Street. The same is true for most cross-streets in the heart of Half Moon Bay’s Main Street.

Mill Street

Mill Street runs perpendicular to Main Street, and is the first cross street after you cross the bridge over Pilarcitos Creek. Parking in the blocks on either side of Main Street are limited to two hours.

Kelly Avenue

Kelly Avenue crosses Main near the center of the heritage shopping district, where you’ll find City Hall and Cunha’s Country Store. Just like Main Street, parking on Kelly Avenue on either side of Main is limited to two hours.

Miramontes Street

Miramontes Street, another cross street in the heart of the shopping district, permits two hour parking on either side on Main Street.

Correas Street

Correas Street lies at the southern end of Downtown Half Moon Bay’s heritage shopping district. It contains a mix of two hour parking and standard street parking, with a number of back-in parking spaces at the southwest corner of the intersection with Main Street.

Shoreline Station

Shoreline Station is located 4 blocks west of Main Street. You’ll find plenty of parking here, along with a number of retail stores and restaurants that are worth a visit. The local Farmers’ Market is held in Shoreline Station during spring, summer and early winter, and it’s an easy walk to Main Street.

RV Parking

Recreation Vehicle parking is available at a number of location around Half Moon Bay. Half Moon Bay State Beach has campsites right along the beach that are available for both RVs and tents; they can reserved up to 6 months in advance. Half Moon Bay RV Park has 65 spaces within walking distance of the beach, with bathroom and laundry facilities and free WiFi. Pelican Point RV Park is at the southern end of Half Moon Bay, offering full hookups, cable TV and WiFi, laundry, showers, and an on-site convenience store. Further north in the harbor, Pillar Point RV Park has full hookups along with complimentary cable and WiFi with a spectacular ocean view.

Electric Vehicle parking and charging station
Downtown Half Moon Bay is well-equipped for modern electric vehicles with 5 conveniently located charging stations, each with its own dedicated EV Parking spaces.

Questions about Parking in Half Moon Bay

Is there free parking in Half Moon Bay?
Most of the parking in Half Moon Bay is completely free, except for some parking at the beach, and paid lots that operate only during special events like the Half Moon Bay Art & Pumpkin Festival.

Does Half Moon Bay have parking meters?
Half Moon Bay does not have any parking meters. At all. We’re planning to keep it that way.

How many parking spaces are there in Downtown Half Moon Bay?
A recent study of Parking in Half Moon Bay found 636 street parking spaces and 447 additional spaces in public and privately-operated parking lots, for a total of 1083 downtown parking spaces.

Does Half Moon Bay have accessible (ADA Compliant) parking available?
The most recent parking study found 11 ADA spaces on downtown streets and an additional 32 ADA spaces in downtown parking lots.

Who enforces parking regulation in Half Moon Bay?
The San Mateo County Sheriff’s Department enforces parking time limits and other regulations on public streets. Privately-owned lots are monitored by their operators.

Where can I park during the Half Moon Bay Art & Pumpkin Festival?
Pumpkin Festival is by far the largest local event of the year, so there are special parking rules and street closures that you should be aware of. Main Street will be closed, typically between Mill Street and Monte Vista Lane. Most cross-streets will be closed as well on either side of Main Street. Much of Purissima street is restricted for ADA parking only, and portions of Johnston Street are reserved for staging of emergency vehicles. Street parking anywhere in the vicinity of the event can be difficult. Fortunately, a number of parking lots on the outskirts of the event are available, usually operated by local non-profit groups for a nominal charge. Consider using public transportation to avoid traffic and parking worries. SamTrans operates special buses to accommodate festival visitors on this busy weekend.

Are there special parking considerations for other events?
During special downtown events, parking on portions of Main Street may be prohibited (especially for events that include parades and/or street vendors). Areas of Purissima Street and Johnston Street may be reserved as ADA parking and for staging of emergency vehicles. Additional parking may available at various lots around the downtown area. Watch closely for signs indicating temporary closures and additional parking areas during special events.

How much does it cost to park at the beach?
Half Moon Bay State Beach is operated by California State Parks, and has paid parking lots (currently $10). The lot at Francis Beach (at the end of Kelly Ave) often fills up first; lots north at Venice, Dunes, and Roosevelt Beaches often have more parking available. Poplar Beach, immediately south of Half Moon Bay State Beach, is operated by the City of Half Moon Bay and offers paid parking by the hour.

Can I park at the beach for free?
Some area beaches allow visitors to park for free, including Montara State Beach, Bean Hollow State Beach, Fitzgerald Marine Reserve, and Gray Whale Cove.

Are charging stations available for Electric Vehicles?
EV Charging Stations are available in several locations in Downtown Half Moon Bay – in fact, you’ll find they’re even more plentiful than gas stations! Vehicle chargers (with dedicated parking spots) are located at:

Are there any parking garages in Half Moon Bay?
Half Moon Bay does not have public or private parking garages; but plentiful parking is available in parking lots and street parking spots throughout the downtown area.

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