Burleigh H. Murray Ranch


Burleigh H. Murray Ranch, acquired by the State of California in 1983, lies in a serene valley south of Half Moon Bay, embodying both historical significance and natural beauty. This tranquil park, now extended with the addition of Rancho Raymundo, spans from Higgins Purisima Road to Skyline Boulevard, offering a quiet retreat amidst mature eucalyptus groves and a diverse array of wildlife. The ranch’s namesake, Burleigh H. Murray, was born here in 1865, continuing the legacy of his father, a Gold Rush miner turned successful dairy farmer.

The park’s historical heart is the Mills Barn, a remarkable example of a ‘bank barn’—a rare architectural style in California, where the barn is built into a hillside. Dating back to the late 1800s and originally 200 feet long, it once housed 100 dairy cows. This barn, alongside other structures such as an arched stone bridge, showcases ancient Italian masonry techniques. These buildings are preserved in a state of arrested decay, offering a glimpse into the 19th-century ranch life.

Visitors can explore the ranch via a trail that follows the old ranch road, meandering alongside Mills Creek. This gentle walk leads to a 1930s bungalow and then crosses the creek, presenting a picturesque view of the Mills Barn and its outbuildings. This trail not only provides a scenic hike but also a journey back in time, revealing the enduring legacy of California’s ranching history.

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