Gray Whale Cove State Beach


Gray Whale Cove State Beach, also known as Devil’s Slide, boasts a sheltered cove cradled by cliffs that make a dramatic descent into the shimmering Pacific. Accessible from Highway 1, the beach’s parking area not only leads you to this serene retreat but also serves as a starting point to explore the natural splendors of McNee Ranch and Montara Mountain, adding to the allure of Montara State Beach.

As you follow the steep stairway down to the beach, you’re rewarded with an intimate, sandy enclave, perfect for a day of relaxation. Perched atop the bluff is a small picnic area, a serene spot to enjoy a meal with a view. And keep your eyes on the horizon – the majestic gray whales often grace these waters during their migration, offering a once-in-a-lifetime spectacle right from the shore.

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