Redondo Beach


Redondo Beach (also known as Wavecrest Beach) is a hidden gem nestled just south of downtown Half Moon Bay and north of the Half Moon Bay Golf Links and the community of Ocean Colony. This picturesque beach, characterized by its long sandy stretches, eroded bluffs, and a captivating reef perfect for tidepooling, is an ideal spot for nature enthusiasts and birdwatchers alike. With its trails inviting exploration, Redondo Beach offers a serene escape from the everyday.

Adjacent to Redondo Beach is the expansive Wavecrest Open Space, preserved by the Peninsula Open Space Trust (POST). From the beach parking lot, you can embark on the scenic Wavecrest Trail. This trail winds along the bluff from Redondo Beach to Poplar Beach, welcoming hikers, bikers, horseback riders, and dog walkers to enjoy its panoramic views and natural beauty.

Parking for Redondo Beach is located at the end of Redondo Beach Road off Highway 1, with clear signage leading the way. The lot itself is bare dirst, and the descent to the beach involves a bit of adventure, as there is no designated path from the parking lot atop the bluff. Head north on the dirt trail for a safer route down, as the paths directly from the parking area can be steep and eroded.

From Redondo Beach, you have the option to stroll north along the beach to Half Moon Bay State Beach or south towards the tide pools at Miramontes Point, located below the Ritz-Carlton Half Moon Bay. Alternatively, Manhattan Beach offers more direct access to these tide pools and sandy shores. The Redondo Beach parking lot is also a favored starting point for mountain bike rides through the surrounding open space lands.

While Redondo Beach is more secluded and less frequented than other beaches in the Half Moon Bay State Beach system, it offers stunning views of the ocean and bluffs. However, visitors should be aware that access to the beach involves a steep and challenging climb without the aid of stairs. For those who manage the descent, the effort is richly rewarded with a peaceful, picturesque beach experience.