WildLIFE Associates

Bringing Wildlife to the Classroom

WildLIFE Associates, has been extending a hand… or paw… to the people of Half Moon Bay through their community outreach programs for over 24 years. Their live animal school assemblies have been entertaining and educating schools by bringing the animals out of the zoo and into the classroom.Their newest program, Wild Teachers for Youth focuses on assisting teen intervention organizations by allowing at-risk teens to work in the 120-acre wildlife sanctuary where the animals are the teachers. A truly ground-breaking organization, WildLIFE Associates has been a part of Half Moon Bay’s educational system and has also been instrumental in adult programs such as team building and personal development. If you think that the only thing you can learn from a coyote is how to make some noise, think again. The folks at WildLIFE Associates are eager to expose you to the animal world and all that it offers. Please visit their official website today to learn more!