Fall Shopping in Half Moon Bay

Give Your Thanksgiving Host the Perfect Gift

Hosting friends and family for the Thanksgiving holiday is a big undertaking, the planning, the decorations, the shopping, the preparations, the cooking, and more. Your hosts do it because they want to, they want to share the holiday with you and they welcome you into their home.

To say thank you and to be a good guest, you’ll want to take a gift for your hosts. Flowers may seem like an easy choice, but unless you’re directed to bring flowers, they become more of a burden as they add a task for your host to handle, i.e. getting a vase, finding a spot, etc. Plan ahead and choose a gift that reflects your host’s personality and expresses your appreciate for being a part of their Thanksgiving celebration. We’ve chosen a few favorite items that are easy to find locally. 

Red Pomegranate Pansy Plate

Every host loves to have a stash of special pieces they can put into use when guests come by. Nasturtium Art of Living has a wide selection of Red Pomegranate Pansy Plates that will please any host. Our pick is the copper purple which is copper in color with purple highlights. These gorgeous plates are handmade and reverse painted with copper leaf which gives them a beautiful luminescence. 

Photo courtesy of Nasturtium Art of Living


Spread the Love Jelly Gift Set

Always an appropriate gift for a guest, a set of jams or jellies presents an air of class and is pleasing for any recipient. Spread the Love not only makes some of the most delicious jelly on the coast, but they also create lovely gift sets. Made with all organic ingredients and available in several locations including Farmer’s Daughter, Spangler’s Market, New Leaf Community Market, Cunha’s Country Store, The Ritz-Carlton, La Honda Country Market, and at their booth at the farmers market, Spread the Love will, indeed, help you spread the love.

Photo courtesy of Spread the Love Jams & Jellies


Taper Candles

A candle is always a lovely host gift, but most of the time when people pick out a candle, it’s in a jar or its a pillar. Tokenz has some of the most lovely taper candles you’ll find and they’re in a wide range of colors that will suit any decor. Choose colors perfect for the hosts’ home, the Thanksgiving holiday, or look ahead and pick some candles that will fit in with Christmas, Hanukkah, or an appropriate December holiday for your host.

Photo courtesy of Tokenz
Photo courtesy of Tokenz 

These are just three simple host gifts that you can pick up in Half Moon Bay. Of course, there are many more to be found. We’d suggest spending some time for a stroll and shop. There are gifts all around us from The Squash Blossom to Half Moon Bay Wine and Cheese and everywhere in between as well as nearby. Share your joy and the spirit of the Thanksgiving holiday and give thanks to one another.