Manhattan Beach


Manhattan Beach, nestled beneath the majestic bluffs of the Ritz-Carlton, is a pristine gem in the Half Moon Bay area.

Also known as Pelican Point Beach or Canada Verde, it’s best accessed by the Miramontes Point Trailhead and parking lot, situated just west of the Pelican Point RV Park, directly off Miramontes Point Road. Parking for Manhattan Beach is available for free in a 26-space lot. From the parking lot, a paved path leads you to a staircase descending to the beach at the mouth of Canada Verde Creek. To secure a spot, especially during busy weekends and summer months, early arrival is advised. Additional free parking is available in the Ritz-Carlton Parking Garage; inform the gatekeeper that you are seeking parking for coastal access.

When the tide recedes, adventurous walkers can sometimes extend their journey northward to Redondo Beach and even Poplar Beach, or southward to Cowell Ranch Beach. However, it’s important to stay vigilant as the incoming tide can swiftly change the landscape, potentially restricting beach access.

The beach, with its high bluff walls echoing the ocean’s roar, offers a secluded feel, with the golf course activity barely noticeable above. The beach is largely walkable to the north below the resort, except during high tide. At low tide, explore the tide pools in both directions from the beach access – the larger and more well-known tide pools can be found to the north. Paved paths along the bluff lead to the resort, where visitors can dine in the restaurants or simply enjoy the breathtaking views.

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