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Bay Area Ecotourism Activities

Bay Area Ecotourism Activities & Things To Do

The variety of wildlife and natural areas found on the Coastside is astounding, from whale watching in Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary to birding at some of the richest wetlands on the California’s Bay Area coast and in giant redwood forests; to state, country and local parks and open space preserves. These ecotourism resources listed below provide many opportunities for outdoor recreation, things to do, & learning adventures. 

Visit these California Bay Area public lands and sign-up with the following local guides and service providers for a memorable experience of ecotourism. But remember, be a responsible ecotourist & don’t disturb wildlife, leave no trace and make advanced reservations, as some sites have limited entry.

We hope you find these Bay Area Ecotourism Activities and Things To Do helpful and enjoy visiting us in California as an ecotourist.