Farms & Markets

Nearly every aspect of the Half Moon Bay Coastside is touched by its rich agricultural legacy. You’ll witness it in the verdant fields that line Highway 1 and restaurant menus that proudly proclaim the names of local farms and ingredients.

Reflecting the natural rhythms of the coast, our connection to the land is also what helps make the Coastside such a relaxing and nourishing destination. Experience the joys of this pastoral paradise by wandering our bloom-filled greenhouses, seeking charming roadside farm stands, and cavorting with adorable baby goats on an idyllic country farm.

At its heart, the Half Moon Bay Coastside is an authentic farm community plunked on one of the most spectacular settings along the California coast. Agriculture is our number one industry and we’re one of the top flower producers in the nation. The region abounds with dazzling nurseries, quaint family farms, and bustling farmers’ markets that will delight home gardeners, foodies, and anyone who appreciates natural beauty and a taste of a simpler time. But it’s not all nostalgia along the coast. Visit our progressive farms and you’ll get a peek at cool new technologies like aquaponics that are reshaping the agricultural world. For a special behind-the-scenes peek at farms and nurseries that are usually not open to the public, check out our annual Farm + Fish + Flowers event.