San Gregorio State Beach


San Gregorio State Beach is a captivating coastal destination featuring a wide, sandy beach adorned with driftwood and a protected estuary at the back, set against a backdrop of lush grassy bluffs. The beach is bordered by impressively steep and high coastal bluffs and cliffs that create a dramatic oceanfront. While the beach is wide at the mouth of San Gregorio Creek, it generally maintains a narrow profile, occasionally becoming completely submerged during high tide in winter.

During summer, a stretch of sandy beach connects San Gregorio to Pomponio State Beach, with a sandbar forming at the creek’s mouth, usually persisting into fall until broken by winter rains. Adjacent to the beach, a quaint freshwater marsh can be found at the creek’s mouth, adding to the area’s natural diversity.

This location is steeped in history, marked by California Historical Landmark 26, which commemorates Spanish Explorer Captain Gaspar de Portolá’s stay here. Portolá and his party had become lost while searching for Monterey Bay, and camped here by San Gregorio Creek for a three day rest and recuperation, October 24-26, 1769. Six days later, on November 1, 1769, they would become the first documented Europeans to set eyes on San Francisco Bay.

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