Tunitas Creek Beach


Currently closed for construction, opening late 2024

Halfway between Half Moon Bay and Pescadero, where the waters from Tunitas Creek reach the Pacific Ocean, lies Tunitas Creek Beach. This broad, sandy beach is enclosed by 100-foot sandstone cliffs, creating a stunning natural amphitheater. Just north of the creek outflow, these cliffs were once the site of “Gordon’s Chute,” a ramp constructed in 1872 by Alexander Gordon to slide farm goods from the cliff tops to ships anchored below. Though the chute was destroyed by a storm in 1885, eyebolts from the original structure still remain embedded in the cliff-face.

Formerly a private property with a house atop the cliff, Tunitas Creek Beach was owned by a trust of musician Chris Isaak from 1998 to 2017. The 58-acre property was then purchased by the Peninsula Open Space Trust (POST), who transferred it to San Mateo County in 2020. In 2023, the county approved a project to transform this picturesque area into a public park, ensuring its natural beauty and historical significance are preserved for future generations.

Construction has begun on the transformation of Tunitas Creek Beach into San Mateo County’s newest park. These improvements aim to provide safe access, with new trails, parking facilities, and amenities for visitors. This development marks a significant step in making the beach more accessible while maintaining its pristine environment.

Currently, Tunitas Creek Beach is closed to the public to allow construction to proceed. It is set to reopen as a San Mateo County park in Fall 2024. Once the park is complete, visitors will be able to enjoy the serene beach, explore the historical remnants of Gordon’s Chute, and appreciate the efforts made to preserve this coastal gem.

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